The Apprentice and the Stone – Divinity: Original Sin Guide

The Apprentice and the Stone – Divinity: Original Sin Guide

The Apprentice and the Stone is a side quest that you acquire by visiting the Cyseal infirmary, which is located just southwest of the town hall. Speak to

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition Walkthrough Madora Plus The Apprentice and the Stone

Hello and welcome to Lord Fenton Gaming plays Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition. I am your host Lord Fenton. In this Divinity Original Sin 1 Enhanced Edition Walkthrough Let’s play video, I will show you how to recruit Madora into the party, the results of my choice from the Charmed Female Orc and finally the entire The Apprentice and The Stone. In this DOS 1 EE video I will do all this and get some more information during the Homestead visit. Let’s add our first party member onto the team and more. As always like, comment, and subscribe to my channel for more content like this.


Video Start – 0:00
Intro – 0:10

Note: In this video I will show you all how to get Madora into the party and complete the Apprentice and The Stone side quest. Great idea to complete this side quest ASAP.

That Imp – 0:45
The Weaver of Time – 4:49
Arhu and the Red Pyramid – 11:27

Note: If you want to advance the story use the Red Pyramid. I am not until I complete all the side quests in Cyseal town area AND grab all the side quests in the same area. After that I will show this all off.

Time to check my handy work with the Charmed Female Orc – 16:22
Results of my choice with the Charmed Female Orc – 17:08
Sorry two dead guards – 17:41
Adding Madora to the team at the King Crab Inn – 19:04
Madora party dialog – 22:40
Madora’s stats – 25:16

Note: Madora makes an EXCELLENT I do mean EXCELLENT 2her user. I went with a 2her user main so I avoided adding Madora to the team. She is a perfect fit for taking damage, and more. The downside is her trophy/achievement is BUGGY at times. So save tons til you get the perfect results.

What’s going down next – 25:46
Talk to Thelyron the Healer – 28:18
Madora’s thoughts – 31:41
Start of The Apprentice and The stone – 32:59
Pick saving this guy for +1 Romantic – 35:52
At the Homestead with another room open – 36:30
Checking out The Halls of Heroes – 38:06

Recap – 38:41
Other Divinity Original Sin and other videos – 39:20

This was filmed with Nvida’s Shadow Play on my PC!

I used a Blue Yeti Mic and trust me it improves recording voice. You should get one too.

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Divinity Original Sin EE: Ranger Build

This video is part of a guide and taken out of context can be confusing. Full guide can be found at and will most likely answer all your questions. Enjoy.

Divinity Original Sin (Enhanced Edition) Beginners Guide & Tutorial for New Players

►Divinity Original Sin Review
Welcome to my Divinity Original Sin (Enhanced Edition) beginners guide and tutorial for new players. I’ll explain the things that I wish I had understood better when beginning the game, like the skill system, attributes, talents, characters and some general tips that will set you on your way on your adventures! With these simple bits of advice you’ll enjoy your first playthrough much more. If you have already played through the game please leave your favourite bit of advice in a comment below, but please don’t post any spoilers.

0:00 Intro
0:48 Character Creation
2:14 Abilities
9:03 Talents
10:45 Attributes
12:08 Starting Spells/Powers
12:34 Party Members
13:00 Healing
14:05 Suggested Party Build
14:44 Earning Money
16:13 Perception Skill and Armour Buffs
17:21 Inventory Management
18:09 Crowd Control in Combat
18:35 Magic and Elemental Damage

►Complete DOS playthrough



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