1-10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma Guide

1-10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma Guide

Finding Golden Scarabs and giving them to Muramasa at this shop (or statue) allows for Ryu to earn Power-up items, Technique Scrolls, Ninpo Scrolls, and even

NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection – Game Tips #1

We know that there are several Master Ninjas out there ready to tackle this challenging journey again. For the new ninjas just joining the clan, here are a few tips to get you started. More to come ��.

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All Ambush Location Completion Guide | Ninja Gaiden Sigma Master Collection

There are a total of 13 ambushes, 10 for Ryu and 3 for Rachel. You must be aware of the conditions for each ambush to occur or you won’t be able to trigger all ambushes. Some ambushes occur after a specific chapter is completed. Certain ambushes won’t trigger if you’ve completed a chapter or destroyed a boss or triggered another event. Below are the list of each ambush in order.

Ryu Chapter 3 — Airship (Need ID Card)
Ryu Chapter 7 — Archives Room
Ryu Chapter 9 — Ritual Room
Ryu Chapter 12 – Peristyle Passage (long and huge hallway *cannot be missed on Normal*)
Ryu Chapter 12 – Aqueducts 4B (Inside elevated ruin)
Ryu Chapter 15 – Zarkhan Stadium (After Doku is defeated, activate switch)
Ryu Chapter 15 – Stairway to The Imperial Palace
Ryu Chapter 16 – Underground Passage
Ryu Chapter 18 – Great Bridge Square (It’s better to get in ch.16 for easy MN rank.)
Rachel Chapter 5 — Monastery Annex (Back area behind Monastery *Hard to find*)
Rachel Chapter 8 — Military Gate (Don’t fight Gamov)
Rachel Chapter 14 – Hayabusa Village (Near Save and Muramasa’s statue)

Chapter 10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma HD Walkthrough

In this video series I will show you how to get through Ninja Gaiden Sigma on the Master Collection. I’ll be giving hints, tips and combat tactics along the way. Ready to test your shooting skills? Play Krunker IO right now at

�� I’ll also be showing you where to find and how to get all 50 golden scarabs.

�� As well as where to find and how to complete all 12 of the fiend challenges.

�� I hope you find this series useful. Thank you.


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Chapter 10 – Ninja Gaiden Sigma HD Walkthrough ¦¦